Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not Just Another Pretty Zine ... but MANY Pretty, Pretty Zines: FLY AWAY ZINE MOBILE In Town NOW!

Before I started blogging in 2007, I seriously, seriously considered becoming a zinester.  I researched zines online... printed out pages and pages and pages of DIY advice for zinesters.  I experimented with elaborate covers and took copious notes on what I wanted my zine to contain.  I found myself on the hellish road to attempted zine perfectionism.

Blogs saved me from myself.  I allow myself to be lazy about how and when I write.  Nothing feels set in stone on a blog... and I love that.  But I still have good intentions of going back down the Zine-hell road. I won't rest peacefully until I do.

Lucky for We... the 8th Annual TwinCities Zinefest is about to inspire us Minnesotans again.  I browsed through my first ZineFest last year and this year I'll be woManning a table dedicated to the unique Zine Library Collection/Archives from the MCTC library where I work and am a student.  Having come late to the scene, zines still overwhelm me so I look forward to learning more from the people who stop by the booth than my own aborted attempts at being a perfectionist zinester.

Perfectionism and Zines don't belong in the same sentence.  Labor of Love and Frustration of Love and Love of Love and Zines do belong in the same sentence.

Fly Away Zine Mobile
Zine Love is no better demonstrated than by the Fly Away Zine Mobile!  Debbie will make another Minnesota stop at this Saturday's Twin Cities Zinefest in Powderhorn Park and if you haven't yet, you really, really gotta must see the Zine Mobile with your own eyes.  By appointment, Fly Away Zine Mobile and Debbie parked outside my library this past week.  I took pictures.  But you come visit and climb inside.  It's adorable and awesome.  Thank you Debbie for sharing with us... and thank you to all drivers, supporters and zine librarians who understand it isn't always about the money... but it is about the pretty, pretty pictures.

While at the Zinefest, please show your love to a bookstore I love : Boneshaker Books. They will love you back.
Bike Zines

DIY zines

Librarians do it best :)

Zine Mobile Ukulele
Polar Bear Zine Mobile Rug

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