Sunday, June 26, 2011

street smART: Which came first? PUM or the Egg?

My neighborhood has been bombed by PUM.  If you're notoriously clueless like me, maybe UrbanDictionary can come to your rescue. 

At first I was like, hmmm? Is that...?
And then I was like, duh! I have one of those! 

Kinda ballsy of PUM to plaster their work on federal property, dontcha think?

I wonder if PUM chose that tag, or if the tag chose PUM.  Just maybe, someone out there was blessed with the name Penelope Ursula Moon. 

Pure speculation - that's all we've got to work with... but you know what happens when you assume about PUM....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, see those things around my block too. No idea. The postal service doesn't like it though. They scrubbed off one I saw on the corner mailbox. But it's not everywhere in the city, so I wonder who's behind it? I find them rather unattractive, personally, except for the one with the eye-patch, which is actually kind of cute. ^ _ ^

What comes up on urban dictionary is also rather strange... I don't see that tag in all your photos, so maybe it's someone else that writes the PUM afterwards?

Christine Vyrnon said...

True... not all of them have PUM on them. Another one I posted to tumblr has WUNDR as the tag in the same handwriting. Both might be the artist's tag, but can only speculate.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Additional observation: the ones tagged with WUNDR have been cut out to include the tag. The pink mailbox one shows that the tag has been ripped off but it shows better in the green one on tumblr. Looking at it now, PUM is very likely a different artist/tagger... now that I look more closely at the handwriting.

Anonymous said...

Me again- I've seen larger ones posted that look nothing like the smaller ones, but maybe the artist is the same anyways cuz they're still monsters? I think there's a strange green one between Lyndale & Hennepin on Franklin. I don't quite remember, but I think there was a signature on it.

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