Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuff I'd Do This Weekend - If I Didn't Have to Whore Myself Out For Money

I plan to make a habit of this. A wish list. A Let's Riot, Minneapolis! List.

If I could, I would:

# 1. Avoid two of the Minneapolis Art Fairs which I can't avoid in Uptown and Loring Park. Instead, on Saturday I would go to.....

The Banquet Hall Backyard Art Sale & Flea Market "located between Loring & Powderhorn art fairs.: Music, grilling, jewelry, screenprints, photography, zines, paintings, pinatas & more!"

Where? 2904 3rd Ave South, Mpls 55408

When? TOMORROW! Saturday, August 7th - 11am - 6pm

For your own sanity and mine - stay off the beaten path this weekend.

# 2. Hang out at the Bedlam Theatre All Weekend Long! I have yet to eat/drink on their rooftop - and with countdown to closing time, I really, really need to. I've done a little volunteering there - love the space and the vibe and the ballziness of their performances. It is also the Fringe Festival this weekend - so I could kill two birds with one show. Which show?

ANIGA ADIGA - which will be performed near the Bedlam at the Mixed Blood Theater... but is a Bedlam production about "what it’s like to be young and East African in Minnesota." If I could - I would imbibe at the Bedlam - get played at the Mixed Blood - then go back to the Bedlam Social again - then hop on the train. Goddamn! I'm going to miss the current Bedlam location - unless it moves closer to me.

Better yet - DONATE YOUR TIME at the Bedlam this weekend or before they move. Email if you're interested in volunteering.

Break A Leg Fringe Thespians!!!

# 3. Go to North Dakota. There is a niece there I haven't met yet. Enough said.

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