Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vintage City Classics: Bling That Makes Me Smile

Vintage City Classics is a Minneapolis jewelry, accessory and clothing company that recycles old baubles into new jewels.  This summer I've been stopping by their studio when I need a girly fix.  I dropped off sentimental bits and pieces that were falling apart and returned to pick up re-invented bling: 3 crumbling bracelets turned into a necklace, a reinforced wooden necklace, and my first clip-ons turned into pierced earrings.
There's a story there worthy of Hot4Jesus - but yes - I got my ears pierced for the FIRST TIME EVER last winter! The earrings that convinced me to take the leap from virginal lobes to pagan piercings are gaudy, ghetto gold hoops within hoops with dangling fake pearls. I wore them as clip-ons until my ears screamed to just be pierced already!  With the help of Joan, Holly and Jen I bridged the gap between unpierced to all-grown-up and back to girly again.
This Friday Vintage City Classics will display their talents at OutSpoken: Beauties, Bikes & Beats "a bike-centric music and fashion event showcasing the city's growing enthusiasm for urban cycling while supporting local [Minneapolis/Minnesota] artists." I went into their studio this week to throw my hooker cash around and invested in a new key chain for my bike key & bag.  I got to see some of their pieces for the OutSpoken event - and if someone doesn't buy the recycled bike tire cascading rubber hearts earrings on Friday (I can't go - I'll be whoring myself out elsewhere) - then I really, really, really want them for my "I'm all grown up" collection.

Thank you Ladies! Your work & art makes me feel instantly girly :) - and makes me smile :)

Vintage City Classics - Facebook fan-page with links to their twitter and etsy pages
OutSpoken: Beauties, Bikes & Beats - Facebook Event Page describing the event at Red Stag Supper Club in Northeast.

READERS: Do you have a good "when I first got my ears pierced" story?

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Nathan said...

Cool blog - I enjoyed the comments on Keats a few posts down. I probably have an earnest college essay about him and P.B. Shelley lurking around somewhere in my file cabinet...

Ah...and your Jesus blog is a wild trip too - keep it up!

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