Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When You Fuck Around With Henry Miller, Do You Spit or Swallow?

Henry Miller's politically incorrect genius (pig) weighs heavily on my cyber tongue. And so I ask you, with Henry Miller pig on the brain and in my veins:

Do you spit or swallow-- your Life?

Do you nonchalantly suck on it, lick it, or butterfly kiss it?

Or do you finger fuck your throat and flush it down?

Or do you just look at it?

Your bullshit life.
Years ago I tainted the original Brassai "Paris Prostitute..." photo with the lyrics of the Andrew Sisters, and added a pair of red, fuck-me-pumps. This photo has been tainted without permission. It's about time Brassai and Miller made out on this blog.

Speaking of bullshit, there's no particular reason for choosing this passage from Tropic of Cancer, other than it's one of many worth reading, again:

"Going back in a flash over the women I've known. It's like a chain which I've forged out of my own misery. Each one bound to the other. A fear of living separate, of staying born. The door of the womb always on the latch. Dread and longing. Deep in the blood the pull of paradise. The beyond. Always the beyond. It must have all started with the navel. They cut the umbilical cord, give you a slap on the ass, and presto! you're out in the world, adrift, a ship without a rudder. You look at the stars and then you look at your navel. You grow eyes everywhere-- in the armpits, between the lips, in the roots of your hair, on the soles of your feet. What is distant becomes near, what is near becomes distant. Inner-outer, a constant flux, a shedding of skins, a turning inside out. You drift like that for years and years, until you find yourself in a dead center, and there you slowly rot, slowly crumble to pieces, get dispersed again. Only your name remains."

--Going back to all the men and lives I've known--


Dr. Jay SW said...

Hey, "Accentuate the Positive" was done by much better than the Andrews Sisters--Louis Armstrong and Dr. John for a start.

I should probably go back to Henry Miller, as, except for his late-in-life-meditation-full-of-good-lines-to-quote-on-my-blog "Big Sur and the Apples of Hieronymous Bosch," all I really remember is being horrified by an endless string of "cunts" (and not the British all-purpose roughly-synonymous-with-asshole "cunt," either)....

Christine Vyrnon said...

I knew about armstrong, but not dr. John. Thanks for the heads up. Bing Crosby butchered it.

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Christine - I'm glad you enjoyed the music last night. I hope to do it again next month. David *+*

Erik said...

The lyric actually comes from a different Andrews Sisters' song: Rum & Coca Cola. It's fantastic.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Actually Erik- there are two andrew sister songs in that caption - part fro rum and cocacola and the other half from accentuate the positive.

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